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Resurrection: the Butterfly Effect

A new fashion design collection with the motif of a butterfly process, with an essay dwelling on the story of butterfly symbolizing resurrection. The collection is compound of 14 designs. 

The story of the Resurrection is an example of the Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect is the name given to the idea that small, seemingly insignificant actions can lead to large-scale unforeseen consequences. The story of the Resurrection is an example of this principle in action. The Resurrection is a story of hope.


Women of Wolfblood

The secrets of nature are hidden from the most, but there are those among us who have the ability to see them. These are the women of wolf blood. They are able to commune with the natural world and understand its mysteries. They are in tune with the natural order of things and have a great respect for all of creation. They know the language of the animals and the plants, and they can interpret the signs and omens that the world provides.

A woman connected with wolves knows the ways of the wild. She knows the value of silence and stillness, and her own strength and power. She is a force to be reckoned with.

A series of digital arts devoted to women of wolf blood has been published on my art website. To see, follow the link bellow.



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