From 2005. I expose my creations on fashion show exibitions. Since then I continuously create attire preferring accent of elegant, primal, dark and sensual aura, creatively flirting with unlimited sorts of fabrics – from leather, leatherette, latex rubber to elegant fabrics merging it all into one authentic signature.

To a painter artist as myself,  my source of ideas commonly reaches to surrealistic realms. 

Music always had a huge influence on all I create, and my style was influenced by various alternative artists, from black metal, old school goth rock to occult rock and shock rock, like Marilyn Manson, Rozz William’s Christian Death, Michael W. Ford’ Hexentanz but also Fields of the Nephilim’ Elizum, Burzum’  Filosofem, Ghaal’s Wyrd, Paul Chain, as well classical music.

My creative aim is to interpret impressions and visions into wearable feminine, mysterious, and subtly dark style forms or ideas which could be painted onto clothing.

I wanted to wear attire I couldn’t buy anywhere, nor I didn’t know anyone who would create something like that, and then I created it myself. First rocker bolero cropped jackets I’ve designed in 2007. and since then these were one of my most notable designs, especially as there were no such jackets on the market.

People approached me regarding my designs, and I started to create clothing for others. Thus my world of creativity slowly started to form, and I was more then happy I gathered customers who loved to wear what I’ve create.

I give advantage to genuine handmade production, high quality fabrics and customized design solely creating clothing by myself; from start to finish, with an aim to offer unique, lasting and quality design to my customers.

To learn more, see my resume.